Playlist for 11/1/2009

Featured Donny’s expose on Elastica’s blatant plagiarism and the debut Pat’s album-side showcase.

  1. T. Rex – Raw Ramp [medley: There Was a Time Intro and Electric Boogie Coda] (PE)
  2. Electric Light Orchestra – Secret Messages (PE)
  3. Broadcast – Pendulum (DT)
  4. Neu! – Hallogallo (DT)
  5. Charlie Christian – Guy’s Got to Go (PE)
  6. John Cale – Hello, There (PE)
  7. Wire – Three Girl Rhumba (DT)
  8. Elastica – Connection (DT)
  9. Swell Maps – Vertical Slum (DT)
  10. Elastica – Annie (DT)
  11. Neil Young – Harvest (PE)
  12. Citay – First Fantasy (PE)
  13. Low – Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (DT)
  14. Slowdive – Alison (DT)
  15. Pavement – We Dance (DT)
  16. John Lennon – side two of Plastic Ono Band [Love, Well Well Well, Look at Me, and God] (PE)
  17. Josef K – Romance (DT)
  18. Orange Juice – Wan Light (DT)
  19. Morrissey – Sing Your Life [KROQ Session] (DT)
  20. The Kinks – Shangri-La (DT)
  21. Love – The Red Telephone (DT)

DT = Donny Trieu
PE = Patrick Edwards


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