Playlist for 11/22/2009

No show on 11/15, since the two hosts were in Seattle/Portland visiting Richard Row.

Special guest tonight was Chuen-Wei Ng. He is a high school science teacher, Occidental College alum (class of 2001), and citizen extraordinaire. Chuen is a dear friend and was roommates with Richard and Donny at Oxy for two years. Post-college, Chuen was part of the “Wax Museum” collective that developed; comprised of living-room listening sessions, mixed CDs, jam sessions, and talk of starting a record label and/or record store. Fact: Chuen was the singer of the band Wax Museum.

Probably the most eclectic show to date. Chuen shared music based on his recently developed passion for baseball, in addition to tunes with his all-time favorite musical theme: heartache and despair. Donny and Pat played records brought back from the Pacific Northwest. Pat was very excited about Thelonius Monk, and Donny had been looking for McCartney II for a while.  (“Temporary Secretary” is fabulous.)

  1. Jeremy Jay – Slow Dance (DT)
  2. David Bowie – A New Career in a New Town (DT)
  3. Chromatics – In the City (DT)
  4. Neil Young – Out on the Weekend (CWN)
  5. Patsy Cline – Tennessee Waltz (CWN)
  6. Talkin’ Softball – [from The Simpsons] (CWN)
  7. Harry Nilsson – Gotta Get Up (PE)
  8. Ryen Slegr – Souljacker [Eels cover] (PE)
  9. Randy Newman – It’s Money That I Love (PE)
  10. Daniel Johnston – Story of an Artist (DT)
  11. Nirvana – Something in the Way (DT)
  12. HEALTH – Perfect Skin [7″ version] (DT)
  13. The Delphonics – La-La Means I Love You (CWN)
  14. The Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts (CWN)
  15. Raphael Saadiq – Still Ray (CWN)
  16. Thelonious Monk – In My Solitude (PE)
  17. Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset, Pt. I and II (PE)
  18. Paul McCartney – Temporary Secretary (DT)
  19. The Clean – Tally Ho! (DT)
  20. Belle & Sebastian – Step Into My Office Baby (CWN)
  21. Rilo Kiley – Papillion (CWN)
  22. Blind Pilot – Three Rounds and a Sound (CWN)
  23. The Pixies – River Euphrates (PE)
  24. Pavement – Silence Kit (PE)
  25. Elvis Costello – Alison (DT)
  26. The Smiths – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now (DT)

DT = Donny Trieu
CWN = Chuen-Wei Ng
PE = Patrick Edwards

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