Playlist for 10/17/2010

First official show of fall, 2010. Kinda sluggish and a bit uninspired, to be truthful, but it’s good to be back. Blame it on first show jitters and lack of energy. Enjoy at your own risk. [listening back to bits and pieces i actually like this show, but that’s just me – PE]

1. The Clean – Tally Ho! [DT]
2. Felt – She Lives By the Castle [DT]
3. The House Of Love – I Don’t Know Why I Love You [DT]
4. Townes Van Zandt – Pancho and Lefty [PE]
5. Pavement – Frontwards [PE]
6. The Fall – L.A. [DT]
7. Pavement – Easily Fooled [DT]
8. Pavement – Gold Soundz [DT]
9. Jack Rose – Kensington Blues [PE]
10. Deerhunter – Little Kids [PE]
11. The B-52s – 53 Miles West of Venus [DT]
12. The Babies – Caroline [DT]
13. Air – Empty House [PE]
14. Deerhoof – Dream Wanderer’s Tune [PE]
15. Autolux – The Science of Imaginary Solutions [PE]
16. Robert Fripp – Under Heavy Manners [DT]
17. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [DT]
18. Rufus Wainwright – In a Graveyard [PE]
19. David Bowie – We Are the Dead [PE]
20. The Smiths – Work Is a Four-Letter Word [DT]
21. Peter And Gordon – Baby, I’m Yours [DT]
22. Orange Juice – L.O.V.E. Love [DT]
23. American Analog Set – It’s Alright [PE]
24. Ryen Slegr – Old Town [PE]
25. Harry Nilsson – Everybody’s Talkin [PE]
26. Sonic Youth – ‘Cross the Breeze [DT]
27. The Movies – Secretariat [DT]

PE = Patrick Edwards
DT = Donny Trieu

Wax Museum Radio 10/17/10


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