About Wax Museum Radio

Every Sunday at 8pm PST

Weekly two-hour radio show that showcases no wave, shoegaze, krautrock, britpop, post-rock, ’70s singer-songwriters, psychedelic, alternative, experimental, slowcore, post-punk, twee pop, and all related genres.

Patrick Edwards is a pilot, and his favorite artists are Grandaddy, Randy Newman, Wilco, The Movies, and Harry Nilsson. He gave up smoking cigarettes and took up coffee instead. Donny Trieu works in publishing and loves The Smiths, Ride, Orange Juice, The Antarcticans, The Fall, and Can. His favorite song of all time is “Waterloo Sunset” by The Kinks. Donny also spins music every first Saturday of the month at Verdugo Bar in Eagle Rock/Glassell Park.

Pat sometimes plays drums; Donny is playing guitar again.

Submit all feedback and inquiries to waxmuseum at g m a i l . c o m

[NOTE: Podcasts are for personal use only. Think of them as mixtapes. Please don’t sue us. We’re just two dudes who love music. Thanks.]


One Response to “About Wax Museum Radio”

  1. jessie a.v. rocks franz huaracayo Says:

    if i can stay up late enough, which is just ten p.m., then i plan to listen and learn. the radio here is katy perry, pitbull, weird cumbia, kei$ha or whatever her name is, and if we’re really lucky, justin bieber. there’s one radio station (“double nine”) that plays rilo kiley and stuff and stuff, and today, some beatles and traveling wilburys. saludos from darkest peru, my friends.

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